In between two freeways, in front of a large beverage distribution plant, and at the back end of a 1 acre lot lies a small one-block street.  Because it is nearly invisible to viewers it is a favorite spot for drug dealing, dumping, prostitution, setting an occasional car on fire, hiding alcohol and falling out drunk in the bushes, and thanks to an archaic sewer infrastructure, flooding deeply with every rainy season.  In a collaborative endeavor, Self-Sustaining Communities contacted Seth Wachtel, professor at USF who designs and creates living community environments, and with Chad Davisson at the City of Richmond, we had designed and are working on the implementation of a raingarden to be planted with native plants in an effort to mediate the flooding and other undesirable activities.  We are hopeful to include a Phase 2 which will filter through similar raingardens the runoff from the diesel trucks of the beverage distribution plant immediately behind, immediately before it drains to the bay.  May, 2012


To see the plans for the raingarden, paste this link in your browser: